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Bloating is an uncomfortable feeling that can also be embarrassing and unsightly- it can also make getting dressed, moving, and bending more difficult. While it’s known to be a problem for ladies as a result of hormonal changes, it’s something that can affect men too. Generally, in the latter case, it’s a matter of diet that determines if bloating will occur; this may result from the fact that some foods simply cause excess gas, specific issues or conditions in an individual’s digestive system, or a combination of the two.

Regardless of what is triggering the bloating, it makes the body feel like it’s swelling up. While each person’s body is different, and therefore responds to foods differently, there are some general rules when it comes to consumption and bloating. If bloating is something you’d rather avoid, it’s important that you moderate your intake of the following, or cut them out altogether:

7. Salty Snacks
salty snacks

Any food with lots of salt is going to be a culprit here. This is because salt contains sodium, which dehydrates your body. Given that the human body is over 60% water, and all of our critical functions need it to operate efficiently, when there is too much sodium in the body, the kidneys begin to stockpile more water than they normally would, a process known as water retention, to keep things running smoothly. This additional water can leave you feeling bloated- and of course, it does take up space in your body, so you may visibly swell some, too.

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6. Greasy Snacks and takeout

greasy food

Overly greasy food can also bring on a feeling of bloat given their large content of sugars and refined carbohydrates. These foods are high in fat, which tends to get stored by the body for use later. On top of that, this high-fat content literally takes longer to digest, so any food higher in fat will simply be around longer compared to less fatty foods, which will leave you feeling overfull and lethargic. As an added ‘bonus’, greasy foods also tend to be foods that are high in salt, which means the previous information regarding water retention also applies.


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