7 Health Foods That Are Not Healthy

1 of 7 – AGAVE SYRUP

Agave Syrup Is often proclaimed as a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners.  Even though it is a natural sweetener it is made up of mostly fructose. Fructose is the main sugar substance in the majority of fruits. The body’s main ad preferred energy source comes from glucose.  Agave syrup contains more fructose than high fructose corn syrup. Agave syrup also has little to no additional nutritional value to it. When the body breaks down fructose it turns the energy into stored fats. The stored fats from fructose often end up as unwanted belly fat.  Along with the weight gain agave syrup also can lead to other health issues – heightened blood sugar levels, increase in bad cholesterol, increased blood pressure and insulin resistance.  Even though agave syrup is from a natural source it is a highly refined chemically produced sweetener.

Healthier Alternatives: 100% Pure Maple Syrup, Raw Organic Honey

2 of 7 – DIET SODA

Diet or not Soda is not good for you. Diet soda may seem like to go to choice because it often has 0 calories in comparison to 140 calories for most non diet sodas. The real issue is with the artificial sweeteners like aspartame.  Artificial sweeteners have very potent flavors often overpowering real sweeteners. This can dull your taste buds to naturally flavored foods and sweets.  Artificial sweeteners also trigger insulin production in the body which leads to fat storage and weight gain.  Diet soda also has no nutritional value; it can be linked towards headaches, causing cancer, bone loss, and tooth decay.

Healthier Alternatives: Water, Carbonated Water


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