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Pretzels are primary made from enriched wheat flour with little to no nutritional value.  Pretzels are also high on the glycemic index being made of mostly carbs; it will spike your blood pressure levels after consumption.  They are a lower calorie alternative to chips, but they pack a ton of sodium. One serving of pretzels has about ¼ the daily recommended amount of sodium. Eating too much sodium increases your risks of high blood pressure.

Healthier Alternatives: Pita Chips, Kale Chips, Roasted Almonds


Sports drinks seem like a great idea after a long exercise to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes. This is not the case though; sports drinks are often consumed without working out or as a hangover cure.  Many sports drinks contain two thirds the amount of sugar as sodas. This additional sugar can lead to a spike in insulin levels and weight gain. A primary sweeter in many sports drinks is also high-fructose corn syrup. High-fructose corn syrup has been tied to obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay and more.

Healthier alternatives: Water, Fruits, Coconut Water



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