White Bread

Bread often gets a bad rap, what with all those low-carb diets out there. You do not have to go without bread altogether, but it’s important to know what’s in it before you buy.

You should always check the ingredients list for refined flours and added oils or sugars. Look for whole grain, which means the grain is intact and not processed. Also review how many slices are considered a serving; sometimes it could be two versus one for calories given. These are seven things to watch out for when buying bread.

7. White Bread

White Bread

You should be looking for whole wheat grain, and it should be brown, but not flavored with molasses or brown sugar. Any plain white bread has no nutritional value. Whole grain should be at the top of the ingredient list.

6. Gluten-Free

Gluten Free Bread

Even if the bread says it is gluten-free, do not assume it is healthier. Many gluten-free breads lack nutritious ingredients. There are some good ones, but it may be better to use a seeded bread, which gives you more fiber. Only about 1% of the American population is gluten intolerant; the use of better whole grain bread can be helpful if you have a light sensitivity to gluten.


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