3. Fruit Juices

Fruit Juice

If fruits are high in water content, you may assume fruit juices to be even more hydrating. However, the high sugar content of fruit juices, without the added benefit of fiber, means these beverages can actually deplete your body’s fluids. When sugars enter the digestive tract, they can have an osmotic effect. This means that the sugars can pull more fluids into your digestive tract where they are expelled in the urine or as diarrhea rather than being utilized by your body. Furthermore, these beverages introduce extra calories that you wouldn’t obtain from water or tea.

2. Skim Milk


When it comes to hydration, it may surprise you to learn that skim milk beats out water as the ultimate hydrating beverage. High in water content, milk also contains lactose, protein, and fat. The protein and fat content of this beverage mean milk is absorbed more slowly from your stomach, allowing a more prolonged release of fluid into your body. Furthermore, milk may be the ideal recovery beverage after a strenuous workout, as it supplies needed protein to flagging muscles. It appears the slogan is true: milk does a body good!

1. Poor Choices: Sugary or Diet Sodas

Sodas Or Soft Drinks

You have a variety of choices when keeping your body hydrated. However, if you have other options available, don’t be tempted to reach for sodas when you are looking to quench your thirst. It doesn’t matter whether you choose regular sodas that are high in sugar or diet options loaded with artificial sweeteners. In either case, these beverages provide empty calories or chemicals that don’t match up to the hydrating benefits of water or milk.

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