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After cooking a great dinner, you may either neglect the kitchen entirely until it’s time to cook again, or you might opt to get to work immediately and clean the whole kitchen. Whatever you choose, make sure that you clean your dishes and surfaces properly. Don’t wait too long or make too many mistakes and end up cooking poor tasting food for yourself, or even worse, other people. Keep your kitchen properly cleaned, and avoid these cleaning mistakes that can ruin your food.

1. Using a Dishwasher to Clean your Skillet


Naturally, most people would think that a dishwasher is the best way to clean everything you use in the kitchen. And most of the time, they would be right. The exception is when you use a skillet. If prepared and treated properly, a skillet will develop a “seasoning” that will prevent food from sticking to it and allow food to cook evenly. Dishwashers are good enough that they strip the skillet of its seasoning, but manually washing with a mild soap should be good enough to clean it without damaging it.

2. Using Too Much Dishwasher Soap

dishwasher soap

Trying to get your dishes too clean may result in some unforeseen consequences. Using too much dishwasher soap for a load may result in some residue being left on the dish when it’s time to eat. It’s hard to notice the residue beforehand if you are unable to smell it, so if you suspect that you have made a mistake, be sure to rinse off your dishes a couple times before eating. Otherwise, you may get an unpleasant surprise in your glass of wine.


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