Dull Scrambled Eggs

No breakfast is complete without a hot plate of fresh scrambled eggs. As delicious as they may be, scrambled eggs can become a bit boring after a while, and a little extra oomph wouldn’t hurt. Luckily, there are a few great scrambled egg hacks that will have your regular plate of eggs looking more appetizing than ever.

Whether you’re adding milk and heavy cream to make them fluffy or adding a dash of orange juice to give them a little something extra, be sure to test out these simple hacks to give your breakfast experience the upgrade it deserves.

8. Milk or Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream

Scrambled egg preferences vary greatly depending on the consumer. Some like their eggs deflated and others like them fluffy. Using thicker dairy options to liven your eggs up can be a great way to add more taste. Use sour cream or crème fraiche for “extra luxe eggs”, recommends Mashed. “The more liquid you incorporate into your eggs, the softer and more moist they will be.” This is a simple way to really make your eggs shine.

7. Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Looking for unique flavor? Look no further than orange juice. Yes, orange juice! PopSugar’s sound advice may sound far-fetched, but apparently, it is mouthwatering. “The little dash of orange juice adds a touch of sweetness and brightness to otherwise straightforward eggs.”


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