3. Chive and Basil

Chive And Basil

Looking for a greener alternative when it comes to taste? Try using chive or basil! “You can always add some chopped chives or basil, a few shavings of Parmesan cheese or some chopped red chili to the beaten egg mixture before pouring it into the pan,” says chef Jaime Oliver.

2. Leftovers


Get creative and liven up your usual breakfast routine by incorporating leftovers with your scrambled eggs. Color outside the lines and use ingredients you wouldn’t otherwise try!

1. Sheet Pan

Sheet Pan

According to Delish, using a sheet pan can really take your scrambled eggs up a notch. To use the sheet pan technique, scramble your eggs as you always do in a large bowl, then “pour them in a sheet pan, then bake until the eggs are set.” This method will have your eggs light and fluffy in no time!

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