Raw Foods

There are many believers in eating raw food, because it allows your body to get more of the enzymes and nutrients it needs. Some people advocate eating 100% raw food, although it can be difficult to break down that much. Eating 60 to 70% raw food still provides many advantages.

However, the foods below, if eaten raw, can make you feel sick and could be toxic to your health. So before you start upping your raw food intake, be aware of the foods to avoid.

8. Cashews


All cashews sold as raw have a resin in the plant called urushiol that if eaten too often reacts similarly to poison ivy. The cashew family is from the same Rhus genus as poison ivy and oak. Roasted cashews are okay to eat.

7. Wild Mushrooms

Death Cap Mushroom

Most cultivated store mushrooms are fine, but wild picked mushrooms can be toxic. These wild mushrooms are often colorful, so you know not to consume them.

But one wild mushroom looks like a regular mushroom. It is called the Death Cap because it can cause death, as it did for Roman emperor Claudius! Most mushrooms are suggested to be eaten cooked rather than raw.



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