6. Coffee


Coffee is good for you. But remember to consume all things in moderation, because too much coffee can cause sleepless nights and heart palpitations. Despite these side effects, coffee can reduce the risk of endometrial and liver cancer. The main antioxidant that gives coffee its cancer-fighting properties is called phenolic acid, which can create an environment in the body that’s less likely to encourage cancer growth.

5. Black and Green Tea

No Green Tea

The Camellia sinensis plant is what green and black tea is made from. The only difference between black and green tea is the length of fermentation the tea undergoes. Green tea receives less fermentation than black tea and tastes very different, yet they come from the same plant!

Although both can be beneficial, green tea contains more cancer-fighting nutrients because it goes through less fermentation. A chemical called EGCG is the key ingredient that gives the tea its cancer-fighting strength. Research shows teas may help to decrease bladder, lung, and prostate cancer.

The caffeine in tea also has health benefits. If coffee has too much caffeine, you may find that teas have just the right amount to keep you awake without the jitters. And a cup of green or black tea has other antioxidants, too.

4. Garlic

Garlic Press

Not just for keeping away vampires, garlic also helps to keep away cancer.  The allium compounds in garlic inhibit the production of carcinogens, curbing the creation of cancer-causing cells. Allium also decreases cancer risk by reducing inflammation, boosting the repair of damaged DNA, and limiting a tumor’s ability to create blood vessels.

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