Sex Drive

Sometimes in the bedroom, you might want to spice it up a bit, but you may not want to use artificial means to do so. You can work out and try your hardest to reduce stress levels to have a better bedroom experience, but to really get the best results, you should also eat foods that can help you. At the very least, it can’t hurt you in the bedroom to eat better. Surprise your significant other and try these 8 Foods to Turbo Boost Your Sex Drive.

8. Spinach

There is a reason that Popeye couldn’t get enough of spinach when it came to rescuing Olive Oyl. Spinach has been linked with getting more blood to flow to areas located below the belt. Spinach has a very high amount of magnesium, which is a mineral known to decrease inflammation in the blood vessels. This reduced inflammation can, in turn, increase blood flow, and almost work as a natural viagra. Increased blood flow will also allow you to enjoy having sex more, as arousal is also increased.

7. Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea has been lauded as a superfood for years because of it’s health benefits, but you may not have known that it can also benefit you in the bed. Green tea is full of a compound called Catechin, which has been known to reduce the fat accumulating in the stomach area, as well as help the liver provide energy to the body. The most relevant benefit of catechins is their ability to eliminate elements in the body that may damage or inflame blood vessels. With blood vessels free to operate as usual, everything should be working as good as possible in bed.



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