6. Red Wine

Red Wine

For men, too much alcohol can result in a plethora of problems in the bedroom. For women, however, alcohol can be the start of a great time. After drinking one or two glasses of wine, women may have heightened sexual desire compared to women who haven’t had any wine at all. Wine is full of antioxidants that can trigger nitric oxide production, and eventually relax artery walls. So the next time you want to loosen up and you have sex on your mind, it may be a good investment to stock up on wine.

5. Ginger


When it comes to improving your sex life, a lot of help can come from just improving your blood flow. Blood flow can be increased in many ways, and eating is just one. Luckily, ginger is another food that is effective in improving your cardiovascular system. A few teaspoons of ginger a week is all that is necessary to increase your blood flow and improve your artery health. Ginger can be added to many different types of drinks, so it’s easy to get a sufficient dose each week.

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4. Bananas


Bananas are one of the most versatile fruits that are in abundance worldwide. They go great with a variety of juices and meals, and also happen to be overwhelmingly nutritious. Bananas are very high in potassium, which works wonderfully in reducing the damage of sodium. High levels of sodium can leave you looking and feeling bloated, as well as stop blood flow from reaching the genitals. Eating bananas will allow you to look your best, so you can perform your best during sex, in addition to all of the other health benefits associated with the fruit.



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