6. Celery


There are practical and even fun ideas for using up leftover celery before that big package in the produce drawer goes bad. 

How about hosting a celery dipfest on movie night with your kids? Present them with a platter of various dips like nut or seed butter, hummus, salsa, and maybe even a mystery dip or two that they have to guess by tasting it first. (Don’t forget the apple butter you just made from leftover fruit.) 

Or chop and freeze celery to be used at a later date for soups and sauteed dishes.

5. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

If you enjoy making Asian cuisine at home, you may end up with leftover coconut milk. Fortunately, that’s a great ingredient to have on hand. Coconut milk can be used in many dishes to uplevel the creaminess and taste. Add some coconut milk and curry powder to cauliflower mash to serve with roast chicken. Use coconut milk in your coffee or tea. Or start your day with some fluffy coconut milk pancakes. 

Many people on the keto diet use coconut milk in various recipes, like in a keto-friendly moqueca (Brazillian fish stew) with cod and bell peppers. 

4. Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream

As with coconut milk, heavy cream is a treat to have in the fridge for both sweet and savory dishes or drinks. Use it in place of milk for cakes and other confections. Heavy cream is delicious in smoothies, shakes, and over a hot bowl of oatmeal with your favorite toppings. 

Take the taste and texture of scrambled eggs up a notch or two with a splash of heavy cream. Add some heavy cream to mugs of hot cocoa with natural peppermint flavoring for a special cold-weather treat. Or make a White Russian cocktail with heavy cream, vodka, ice, and coffee liqueur. 


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