3. Rice

Avoid Rice

Got leftover rice? The variations of rice pudding you could make seem endless and endlessly yummy if you’re a fan of this food. Keep leftover rice stored in the refrigerator, but only for a day or two. You’ll want to use it soon for the best taste and consistency.

Make a basic rice pudding recipe and add dried fruit or sweet toppings when done, like raisins or chocolate chips. The main ingredients of a simple rice pudding are rice, milk, salt, sugar, and vanilla. Yes, you can use leftover coconut milk or heavy cream instead of milk in most rice pudding recipes. 

2. Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got leftover rotisserie chicken and enjoy the many meals you could make with it. How about a cheesy chicken broccoli casserole or a spicy burrito bowl? Leftover chicken is perfect for one-dish dinners. You can add chopped or shredded rotisserie chicken to lasagna and other pasta dishes. Add it to a green salad or serve it with barbeque sauce on a warm sesame seed bun. 

Leftover chicken is also wonderful in savory pies and pockets, on pizza, and as a simple healthy snack alongside fresh veggies like the leftover celery you haven’t eaten yet. 

1. Tomato Paste


Unless you bought your tomato paste in a resealable tube, there’s probably a half-used opened can sitting on the counter after you’ve made your meal. Instead of trying to remember the leftover paste is stored in the fridge for months, try this quick and longer-lasting storage method instead. 

Add the leftover tomato paste to ice cube trays or silicone candy molds and freeze. Once frozen, transfer them to freezable bags or containers to be used in various recipes as needed. These cubes of frozen tomato paste are handy for making stews and pasta sauce. 


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