6. Shake Them Up

Shake Hard Boiled Eggs

Giving your hard boiled eggs a good shaking can help break up the shells. Place your cooked and cooled eggs in a glass or jar of water and give the container a shake. As the eggs bump up against each other, the shells will break up and loosen. The water helps to further loosen and remove them from the eggs. Once you’ve removed the shells, you can use the eggs to make Ree Drummond’s recipe for Deviled Eggs. Up the cuteness factor at your Easter table by making these sweet Easter Chick Deviled Eggs from Allrecipes.

5. Swirl Them in the Pot

Swirl Hard Boiled Eggs

Skip the jar of water and simply place your hard boiled eggs back into the pot after cooling them. Then, add cold water and swirl the pan to knock the eggs against each other and remove the shells. Delish has a recipe for Best-Ever Egg Salad. This recipe utilizes hard boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, lemon juice, celery, chives, and paprika. This egg salad is scrumptious in a sandwich or enjoyed on a bed of lettuce.

4. Start with Hot Water

Hot Water Hard Boiled Eggs

Many cooks begin the process of making hard boiled eggs by placing eggs in a pot of cool water and then bringing the water to a boil. However, others find that boiling the water first and then carefully adding the eggs to the hot water will result in eggs that are easier to peel. In a test by Epicurious, the hot water eggs were easier to peel than those that started the cooking process in cold water. According to the Egg Nutrition Center, one egg contains 70 calories, 13 vitamins and minerals, and 6 grams of protein.



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