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You may pride yourself on reaching for a healthful glass of 100% fruit juice instead of sugary sodas. After all, fruit juice comes from nutrient-packed fruits and should be dripping in vitamins and minerals. However, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that drinking fruit juice increases your risk of death. In fact, this study found that each 12-ounce daily serving of fruit juice increases the risk of death by 24%. There are several reasons that these seemingly healthy beverages can have negative effects on your health. Read on for eight of them.

8. Excess Sugar


Yes, fruit is healthy. It contains many of the vitamins and minerals that promote good health. However, whole fruits also supply the fiber and roughage important for proper digestion. Fruit juices contain all the sugar of whole fruits without the fiber. Furthermore, while eating one orange provides 9 grams of sugar, a 12-ounce glass of orange juice yields 33 grams of sugar. Fruit juice contains natural sugars like fructose. However, as far as your body is concerned, sugar is sugar. Excess amounts of any type of sugar will have negative effects on your health.

7. Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Consuming excess amounts of sugar is bound to show up on your waistline. Your body stores excesses of glucose and sucrose from foods like fruit juice as glycogen in your muscles or as fat. This means that if you consume more sugary juice than your body can burn as fuel, it will store those sugars as fat cells. Furthermore, you are more likely to overeat if you consume your calories through fruit juice rather than through whole fruit. The fiber in whole fruits helps you feel full and prevents you from overeating.


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