6. Type 2 Diabetes


Drinking sugary drinks such as soda or fruit juices has been linked to type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association notes that sugar is not the cause of diabetes. However, consuming excess sugar contributes to the weight gain that may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in susceptible individuals. Type 2 diabetes carries the risk of many serious complications. These include eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. They also include nerve disorders, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

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5. Fatty Liver

Liver Health

According to Harvard Health Publishing, the fructose in fruit juices can also cause fatty deposits to build up in your liver. This condition, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, can lead to inflammation, hepatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver. The effects of excess sugar in the liver can also lead to dangerous increases in cholesterol, blood pressure, and visceral fat. Some studies suggest that fatty liver disease increases the risk of death not only from liver disease but from heart disease as well.

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4. Heart Disease

Heart Disease

The excess amounts of sugar found in fruit juices can contribute to obesity, which in turn increases your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. The American Heart Association recommends swapping sugar-laden soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juices with plain water or beverages you make at home. Instead of consuming a glass of sugary fruit juice, try adding just a splash of juice or a slice of fruit to a glass of plain water. Blend up an energizing fruit smoothie with frozen fruit, veggies, and the milk of your choice for refreshing flavor with fiber and nutrients.



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