Make Your Groceries Last

There isn’t much worse in this world than coming home after a long day of work, opening your fridge and finding out that the food you bought last week just isn’t good anymore. There are many ways to make your food last longer so you can avoid this phenomenon, and we have listed them out in this article. Hopefully, you won’t have to order too many last-minute pizzas in the future. Here are 8 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Much Longer.

8. Put Cooking Spray on Your Guacamole


One of the most disappointing moments in the kitchen is when you are all set up to make tacos, but then realize that your guacamole or avocado has turned brown. You can prevent this from happening by spraying it with a small amount of cooking spray before putting it away. The oils from the cooking spray and the pit in the middle of the avocado will help keep your food fresh and your tacos or other Mexican food adorned with some great guacamole.

7. Keep Bananas Away From Other Fruits


Most people keep bananas in a fruit basket along with other types of fruits as part of their kitchen display. What many people do not know, however, is that by keeping bananas in such close proximity to everything, they are quickly rotting their other fruits with the banana’s ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is produced as the banana ripens, and it causes your fruits to last a whole week less than without exposure to it. You can prevent this from happening by wrapping the bananas in plastic and storing them away from other fruits and vegetables.


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