Change the Way You Store Milk


Milk is a product that is often stored in the refrigerator door, but that may not be the best location for it. Try instead storing milk in the middle of the refrigerator, so it is not affected by temperature changes when the door opens. You can also try dropping a pinch of salt inside of the container. The salt can make milk last for even a week after the posted expiration date. The taste of salt is usually not even noticed, and this method can also work on heavy cream.

Soak Your Berries in Vinegar


Berries last a moderate amount of time but always seem to go bad really quickly after they start showing signs of rot. To prevent this from happening for a little longer, try soaking the berries in vinegar. To do this correctly, fill up a bowl with one part vinegar and ten parts water, and then leave the berries in it for several seconds before removing them. After rinsing them properly and storing them in the fridge, you should have berries that won’t need to be replaced any time soon.

Pay Attention to the Way You Store Potatoes

Potatoes and Apples

Storing potatoes correctly requires a bit of thought before you can up and walk away from them. Never store potatoes with onions, for example, because the gas created by onions will make your potatoes rot much faster. On the other hand, it is a good thing to store potatoes with one red or green apple, as the apple can keep potatoes from sprouting as fast. Potatoes should be stored at room temperature with a lot of fresh air to avoid filling up a small space with a lot of gas.

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