Butter Your Cheese to Keep it Fresh

butter and cheese

A hard and crusty block of cheese is a very stressful thing to encounter when you are hungry and desperately need some cheese. To keep your cheese relatively soft and fresh for a while longer, try putting a small amount of butter on the edges that have been cut before storing it normally. The extra oil added by the butter will aid you in your efforts to have a healthy block of cheese that will taste amazing much longer than usual.

Change the Way You Store Your Herbs

Herbs Storeage

Even if you feel like you are getting great results out of your herbs now, it wouldn’t hurt to put these tips into action. Try storing your herbs in plastic wrap, so it isn’t so affected by different gasses in the air. You can also try purchasing a Herb Savor, which can make the task of keeping your herbs fresh for three weeks longer than normal fairly simple. If you bought your herbs on sale and are not planning on using them for a while, feel free to put a little olive oil on them, and freeze them.

Keep Your Fridge Organized

Make Your Groceries Last

Sometimes it’s hard enough just keeping some food in the fridge, but if you do find yourself running out of space, try following a few rules. Never mix fruits and vegetables in the same container. Keep perishables in the middle of the fridge, so their temperature doesn’t fluctuate when opened. Try to put whole pieces of food in the refrigerator instead of cut ones. Above all, try and keep enough room in the fridge to keep food visible, so you don’t forget about it and also to allow fresh air to circulate around the food freely.

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