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Sinking your teeth into an ear of hot, buttery corn on the cob is a ritual of summer. Of course, the first step toward enjoying that ear of corn is to free it from the green leaves and shimmery strands of corn silk that encase it. Pulling slippery fibers from your teeth can detract from the enjoyment of this classic summertime treat. If you have ever struggled to remove those stubborn threads, you may appreciate these tips for easily shucking and enjoying an ear of corn.

8. Choosing Corn

Choosing Corn

When choosing sweet corn in your grocery store produce section or at your favorite farm stand, give each cob a gentle squeeze to test for firmness. Most of us can’t resist pulling down a section of the outer husk to check for those plump, healthy kernels inside. However, you can also inspect the outer husk of your corn cob for brown patches or worm holes, mushiness, and stickiness. Choose cobs that are firm to the touch, have moist, healthy-looking tassels, and are free from squishy patches or browning.

7. Shucking Corn

Shucking Corn

Some people like to shuck their corn right there in the grocery store produce section. This is a great way to keep your kitchen free of corn husks and silk. Hold an ear of corn firmly in one hand, then grasp the tassels and a section of the tough outer husk, pulling swiftly down to strip them from the corn. Make your way around the ear of corn, removing sections of silk and leaves. Then, break off the bottom of the stalk. You can run your hands along the cob to remove traces of corn silk that remain.


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