6. Food with Added Sugar

Sugar Alcohols

Natural sugars, like what is in a pineapple slice or a strawberry, are A-OK. But when you look at the ingredient list and see that any kind of sugar is in the top three listed ingredients, that means it has more added sugar. This can increase your blood sugar level and inflammation, which damages your nerves. It also affects the hippocampus or your memory control center part of the brain, according to a study published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

5. Tuna


Tuna is one fish that is high in the toxin mercury, which affects your cognitive abilities. It is best to eat it infrequently, maybe two or three times a month. Try salmon, anchovies or sardines; all are safe and high in good omega-3 essential fatty acids that are good for the brain.

4. Sweet, Sugary Drinks

Sodas Or Soft Drinks

Soft drinks or any prepared high energy, carbonated juice drink can increase your chances of type 2 diabetes. Avoid these drinks to improve the agility of your brain and decrease the risk of dementia. We do not need these added sugar drinks!

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