Banned American Foods

The following foods are commonly eaten in America but have been totally banned in other countries. This is due to their toxicity to humans. If you’re eating anything on this list, you might want to research the alternatives or stop altogether.

9. Artificially Dyed Foods


Where it’s found: Cereals, baked goods, candy, sports drinks, soda, macaroni and cheese, and more

Why it’s bad: Dyes will make any food look pretty. However, they are made using chemicals that are derived from petroleum. In case you didn’t know, petroleum is also used to make gasoline, diesel, and tar.

8. Farmed Salmon

Salmon farm

Why it’s bad: If you are eating salmon because of all the health benefits like omega-3 fatty acids, you need to think about whether you’re buying wild caught or farm-raised. Salmon that is raised on an unnatural diet of grains, antibiotics, and other drugs eventually leaves the fish with gray flesh, which is then dyed pink with a synthetic astaxanthin made from petrochemicals.


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