You’ve heard it before: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. There’s no doubt that apples are some of the most nutritious and healthiest fruits. Not to mention how delicious they are.

Although we all know how crazy good they are for you, you’ve probably never wondered why apples are so healthy. These little red friends are better for your body than you think, believe me. Are you hungry for apples? You will be after you learn all the benefits apples have.

9. Apples Can Be Good for Your Bones

Strong Bones

This benefit isn’t just for apples but for fruits in general. Experts say that fruits are linked to a high bone density. The higher your bone density, the better bone health you’ll have overall.

Scientists believe this is because of the antioxidants in some fruits, and a study shows that fruits like apples, grapes, and other citric fruits help develop higher bone mass, thickness, and volume, while also repressing bone resorption.

This is the scientific way to say that apples, as well as other fruits, make your bones grow stronger.

8. Apples Can Protect Your Brain and Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease


There’s no limit to what an apple can help you with. Just in 2020, a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that individuals who had a diet that included a lot of flavonoids, like apples, along with other fruits and vegetables, had a much lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

You can find flavonoids, a common plant chemical, in other fruits and vegetables too, like plums and blueberries. But it’s been studied that apples and apple juice can also help minimize mental decline.

7. Apples Are Great for Preventing Diabetes (And Help If You Already Have It)


Even though doctors recommend not eating certain fruits if you have diabetes, apples are an exception.

Apples contain soluble fiber, which can help your body reduce the amount of sugar it absorbs. Apples can also help you lower your blood sugar levels. Additionally, if you feel like you’re at risk of getting diabetes, apples can reduce the risk of developing it as well.

6. Apples Can Improve Your Heart Health

Gloves Heart

You know what they say: two apples a day can help lower serum cholesterol and improve cardiometabolic biomarkers. And keep the doctor away, too, of course.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who suffered from high cholesterol managed to decrease their levels of LDL cholesterol in their bodies by eating apples.

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol, is commonly known as bad cholesterol. It’s the type of cholesterol that stores in the blood vessels, causing a higher risk of a heart problem, like a heart attack.

Not only that, but apples also help you regulate your blood pressure. Again, thanks to the flavonoids, apples are a great way to keep your blood pressure in check and reduce the risk of having a stroke or other heart-related issues.

5. They Improve Your Digestion and Your Gut Bacteria

Healthy Gut

Believe it or not, apples are a great way to improve your digestion. As mentioned before, apples have soluble fiber, which can also help your digestion. Fiber helps to improve your health and reduce the chance of getting constipated. Overall, fiber is good to maintain bowel health, and apples are full of it.

It won’t just help you digest better, it’ll also improve your gut health. Eating apples constantly will help you boost your gut bacteria, which is in charge of metabolizing certain nutrients from food and protect your intestines from infections—all that for eating an apple every now and then.

4. Apples May Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Your Breath Fresh

Flossing Your Teeth

There are many beliefs regarding apples and dental health. Some believe eating apples can help reduce plaque on your teeth and freshen your mouth. However, it seems like this is highly situational, and it’ll depend on the amount and type of apples you eat and even your age group.

The good news is that apples seem to be good for your teeth overall. According to a study published in PLoS One, eating apples leaves your teeth covered with a biofilm that could help your teeth remain healthy for a longer time and reduce degradation.

Additionally, eating apples can help your breath too. It’s been proven that eating apples helps reduce bad breath and even help reduce the enzymes in the garlic. If you love garlic, as you should, eating an apple afterward can help your breath.

3. Apples May Help Your Immune System Get Stronger

Immune System

Even though we haven’t had any real experiments on humans, it’s highly possible that apples can help strengthen your immune system and help prevent diseases.

Animals that have a diet rich in soluble fiber and dietary fiber, both of which are found in apples, helped convert immune cells and even helped prevent the flu. Not only that, but apples contain vitamin C, which helps your immune system immensely.

So next time you want to boost your immune system, try an apple, and you might see a big difference.

2. Apples Could Be Good Against Asthma

Asthma Inhalers

Now you might think we’re just stretching the truth, but apples do have certain compounds that can help against asthma, including flavonoids and antioxidants. A recent study proved that, out of 68,000 women, the ones who ate apples had a lower risk of getting asthma.

Not only that, but women who consume apples during pregnancy lower their children’s chances of suffering from asthma or wheezing.

1. Apples Can Prevent Certain Cancers

Ovarian Cancer Treatment

If you want to fight cancer, the best way is to prevent it in the first place, and apples can help with that. Apples have been proven to be effective in lowering the risk of colorectal cancer. But additionally, eating apples also reduces the risk of getting lung cancer. Of course, there are other ingredients that help prevent cancer you should combine with apples.


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