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Just about everyone knows that they should avoid drinking sugary beverages and increase their consumption of H2O. However, many people complain that plain water lacks flavor. Adding lime to the water can dramatically impact the taste in a positive way.

9. Calories and Nutrients in Limes

lemons limes

With many watching calories, you might wonder if adding lime is a good idea. Luckily, citrus fruit is a low-calorie option to add to your water. A single freshly squeezed lime adds only 11 calories to a glass of water.

Lime is also packed with 51 milligrams of potassium, 1 gram of fiber and provides 20 percent of a person’s daily allowance of vitamin C. Lime juice also has 1 percent magnesium.

8. Adding Lime Looks Good

Lime Water Jar

People like a visually appealing drink that looks cool and refreshing. Adding a couple of slices of robust wedges instantly makes the beverage look better.

Joan Salge Blake, RDN, author of  Nutrition & You: Core Concepts for Good Health and clinical professor in the department of health sciences at Boston University, states, “I even like the fact that it’s just slices, because it actually makes the glass look pretty. We drink with our eyes. With something that looks good, you feel more pleasure in consuming it.”

She goes on to say, “We know that sweetened beverages are the number one source of added sugars in the diets of Americans. People are seeing firsthand what a shocking amount of added sugars are in some of these sweetened beverages. I’m happy that we have transparency, and the consumer can now identify those foods that have a lot of added sugar—but we have to give them alternatives.”

“Anything that’s going to allow you to drink more water and less sweetened beverages is a darned good thing.”

7. Encourages Drinking Water

Drink Water

All life on Earth requires water to survive. Nothing beats a glass of water, but for many, it seems boring compared to other beverages. However, adding lime instantly helps make the beverage enchanting.

Water requirements do vary depending on your age, activity level, and gender, so it’s hard to determine how much water a single person needs. Ideally, you should watch your urine color. If the urine is a dark pale yellow or clear then you are getting enough water in your diet, but if it’s a dark yellow then you might not be drinking enough.

6. Assists with Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Consuming foods that contain citric acid appears to help with weight loss. The hydroxy citric acid found in the fruit helps to not only suppress appetite but also stimulate weight loss. It slows down fat-producing enzymes substantially.

Adding lime to your water might not be a “miracle” weight loss solution, but it can help you manage your weight. It will also reduce your intake of unhealthy sugary drinks, which will help you cut back on unwanted calorie consumption.

5. Improves Skin Health

Skin Health

Citrus is a wonderful source of vitamin C and provides multiple health benefits. Vitamin C has been shown to assist with the body’s immune system response by increasing white blood cells, iron absorption, and collagen health.

Limes are rich in flavonoids, which have strong anti-inflammatory benefits. Many skincare products also contain a combination of vitamin C and flavonoids to smooth skin and protect the cells from environmental stress.

Avoid applying lime juice to your skin because it can cause a more intense sunburn after sun exposure.

4. Reduces Inflammation


Flavonoids effectively fight inflammation, which is wonderful for brain and heart health. It can also prevent arthritis and strokes. Vitamin C helps ease the inflammatory response caused by arthritis and appears to further promote joint health. One study found that women between the ages of 45 to 74 who lacked sufficient vitamin C were more susceptible to arthritis than those who ingest high doses of vitamin C.

3. Eases Gout


Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the blood, which causes joint swelling, pain, and tenderness. Studies have shown that limes reduce the uric acid levels in the blood, which might prove beneficial to gout sufferers.

2. Battles Infections

Bacterial Infection

For centuries, holistic health practitioners have turned to lime to ease the pain of a sore throat and to help with the symptoms of colds and coughs. Research has also shown that the citrus extracts effectively kill harmful microbes such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria monocytogenes. Limes might also stop the growth of fungi and even repel insect pests.

1. Drawbacks of Lime Water

Lime Water

One of the main drawbacks of drinking lime water is that it might be bad for your teeth. The acidic nature of the limes causes damage to the enamel of the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss.

However, when ingested in moderation and if you take the time to brush your teeth, then you can protect your teeth. Lime water ends up proving no more harmful to your teeth than sugary colas and fruit juices.

Lime is a simple drink that you can enjoy as a refreshing beverage choice on a hot or cold day. You can even add a little lemon juice to a cup of hot tea to add a robust flavor twist.


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