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Updated: 7/31/2019

When people think about losing weight, the first thing to come to mind is typically exercise. They hear about various workout regimens, they look into gyms and routines, and they try to plan their days around fitness. This sort of thinking is definitely helpful if one is trying to lose weight, but the truth is that it’s only half of the equation. Even the most effective exercise will fail to produce the desired results if you don’t consider the role of nutrition in your weight loss plan. While you’re planning to pick up the perfect gym habits, consider dropping these nine things for maximum results.

9. White Bread

White Bread

To be clear, bread isn’t a bad thing on its own; it’s the kind of bread that matters. White bread is a strong source of carbohydrates and….not much else. The same is true of bagels and certainly donuts. Consuming large quantities of these products might actually cause you to gain weight without providing significant nutritional value (yes, even “enriched” white bread). If you can’t live without some loaf in your life, stick to wheat or whole grain bread, which include fiber and other things for much more of a nutritional punch, and make sure you balance them with other foods.

8. Margarine


People often don’t differentiate between margarine and butter, but the two have differences. Butter is a source of fat; eaten sparingly, it benefits your body. On the other hand, the best serving size for margarine varies, depending on the brand and additives. Butter is traditionally high in saturated fat, whereas some margarine likewise carries similar amounts. Others are lower in saturated fat but have deadly trans fats. Whenever possible, skip both in favor of olive oil; otherwise, choose unsalted varieties of butter to be sure you know what you’re getting, and to cut down on your sodium intake.


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