7. Excess Sugar


Is it any surprise that sugar is on this list? Excess sugar from processed foods typically translates into empty calories. Sure, they’re great for a quick burst of energy, but it doesn’t last, meaning you’ll have to consume even more to power through your day, or find another source of energy. Since sugar is mostly empty calories, it doesn’t help you feel full, and therefore doesn’t stop you from eating. Worried about the sugar in fruit? Don’t. Fruits come with a range of other nutrients that help with weight loss and offer additional health benefits.

6. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Popcorn

Because microwave popcorn combines the previous three things on this list, it’s definitely a food to avoid if you’re looking to shed pounds. It will raise your blood pressure and body fat, and it’s pretty easy to binge on. Popcorn itself is a healthy snack that will fill you up without filling you out; the problem lies in microwave popcorn bags, which may contain harmful additives, as well as excess butter and salt. Skip the bags and try air-popped popcorn instead, or prepare oil-popped popcorn with olive oil, and season with herbs and spices.

5. Soda


Pretty much excess sugar in liquid form, soda is among the most unhealthy things you can consume. Like sugar in other forms, it provides a very brief, very jarring spike in energy, along with a crash. It doesn’t fill you up, or provide your body with any real nutrition. In fact, consuming all of that excess sugar can contribute to serious health problems like diabetes, which among other things, makes losing weight very difficult. Diet soda is no better; it has harmful artificial sweeteners that are linked to cancer and other serious illnesses, and provides no benefit to weight loss.

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