7. Berries


While many fruits are alkaline in nature, berries tend to be low alkaline, and sometimes even acidic, depending on the type. However, don’t let the word acidic fool you, particularly in relation to berries. Consider the primary benefit of berries, particularly blueberries and blackberries, is the abundance of antioxidants found in them. Antioxidants are responsible for inhibiting foreign bodies or processes that left unchecked, would otherwise damage or ‘age’ cell tissue, increasing the risk of cancer. Like most fruits, berries tend to provide a smattering of other benefits, such as sugar for energy, and Vitamin C, which bolsters immune health.

6. Broccoli


When it comes to food, chances are if it’s green, it’s good for you. Broccoli is no exception. Like other greens, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, specifically vitamins A, B-6, and surprisingly, vitamin C. A moderately alkaline food, broccoli contains very little sodium and even small levels of potassium and protein, which can help vegan and vegetarian eaters reach their daily needs. Broccoli can help keep your cholesterol under control. If you want to get the most out of your broccoli, raw is the way; can’t stomach that? Try steaming it to lock in some of the nutrients.

5. Cauliflower


Broccoli’s pale cousin, this cruciferous vegetable is also an alkaline food, though less so. Specifically, it helps to control inflammation, and a single serving can make up most of the daily required vitamin C, so if you’re not too fond of fruits, it is a viable alternative. It has more potassium than broccoli and can provide nearly as much energy. Though it is a little more palatable raw than broccoli, the same cooking advice applies; steam it to keep those nutritional benefits. As a bonus, cauliflower’s versatility makes it a great substitute for other foods in vegan/vegetarian dishes.

4. Lemons


You might be surprised to see lemons on this list; lemons, and other citrus fruits, are known for their citric acid, but the truth is, citric acid is fairly mild. Lemons are a high alkaline food due to the way the body breaks down and metabolizes lemon juice. Lemons are also rich in vitamin C. They have some antioxidant properties, which can help stave off cancer. Lemon is also thought to indirectly fight ailments like kidney stones and scurvy, which can affect the body when there are low citrate levels in the body, or a lack of vitamin C, respectively.

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