5. You’re Hangry


Feeling restless and not eating for extended periods of time can ultimately lead you to feel like you’re “hangry” (angry and hungry), but nutritionists argue that it might be that you have eaten too many grams of protein and not enough carbs in your day. By not consuming the necessary amounts of carbs, the body’s blood sugar drops and doesn’t produce enough mood-regulating serotonin, thus causing “hangry” signs. When you start feeling those old familiar symptoms creeping up, try grabbing a snack or side dish like Greek yogurt with berries, string cheese with fruit or hummus with whole grain crackers to stabilize your blood sugar.

4. You’re Gaining Weight

Gaining Weight

If you find yourself drinking a few protein drinks a day or eating excess animal protein, keep in mind you are consuming extra fat and calories. No matter where these calories are coming from, sugar, protein, or fat, it will undoubtedly cause weight gain. Shift your meals towards a healthier direction and aim to properly balance your diet by eating lean proteins, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. Always remember that half your plate should be filled with fruits or vegetables, one quarter should be protein, and the other should be starch or whole grains.

3. You’re a Little Backed Up


Regular digestion cycles not only make you feel good, but also keep you healthy by minimizing potential stomach issues. However, if your protein intake is too high, you may struggle to stay regular. By replacing the majority of your diet with protein, you don’t eat enough fiber, grains or vegetables. Fiber plays an important role in the digestive system and regularity, and without it, you can experience constipation. Try to eat 25 grams of fiber daily from foods like whole grains (like oatmeal and quinoa), vegetables, and fruit.

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