5. Breakfast Pastries

Toaster Pastries

Pastries are frequently associated with breakfast. Unfortunately, their high sugar and fat content makes them a poor choice for a good start to your day. Toaster pastries contain refined white flour and large quantities of sugar. Kellogg’s Strawberry Pop-Tarts contain 15 grams of sugar in each pastry, and they come pre-packaged in sets of two. Pastries such as croissants, scones, and cinnamon rolls are high in fat, unrefined white flour, and sugar. Instead, swap out high-calorie breakfast pastries for a slice of whole wheat toast spread with nut butter, avocado, or a sugar-free fruit spread.

4. Muffins


A muffin is such a delicious and portable breakfast item, and a blueberry muffin can seem healthy with its store of juicy berries. However, these items commonly contain an excess of sugar, refined flour, and fat. Pre-packaged muffins found on grocery store shelves are especially high in the processed ingredients that are bad for your health. If you enjoy starting your morning off with a muffin, bake up a batch at home. Choose wholesome ingredients like whole grains, fresh fruits, and even vegetables. This recipe for October Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffins by Allrecipes can be enjoyed year-round—not just in October.

3. White Bagels


Bagels are another portable breakfast item that seems like a healthy breakfast choice. If you enjoy a morning bagel, choose whole grain options that are high in fiber and nutrients. Additionally, you can cut calories by selecting mini bagels or bagel thins. Thomas’ 100% Whole Wheat Bagel Thins contain just 110 calories per bagel. Top your bagel with healthy fats like avocado or cottage cheese instead of full fat cream cheese. Egg whites scrambled with spinach can top your morning bagel with a protein and nutrient-packed punch that keeps you energized until lunch.



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