2. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

If only fruit juice supplied the same dietary fiber provided by whole fruits. Instead, fruit juice sounds wholesome while actually containing quantities of sugar that rival sodas and sweetened beverages. Skip the fruit juice and instead blend up a refreshing morning fruit smoothie. You can whip up a nutritious smoothie using frozen fruit, a splash of your favorite milk, and a scoop of chia seeds. Keep your body hydrated by enjoying water infused with sliced lemon, fresh strawberries, or slices of cucumber. You can invest in a fruit infuser water bottle or simply drop fresh fruit into your water glass.

1. Fast Food Breakfast Items

Fast Food Breakfast

When you’re short on time, you may be tempted to head to the nearest drive-through for breakfast. However, fast foods tend to be high in salt, fat, and cholesterol. Save time on weekday mornings by preparing healthy breakfast foods and freezing them. You can then pop them into the microwave for a nutritious breakfast before heading out the door each day. Freeze a batch of breakfast burritos made from whole wheat tortillas, eggs, cheese, and veggies. Or try this recipe by Averie Cooks for 100-Calorie Cheese, Vegetable, and Egg Muffins.



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