Unexpected Food Facts

There are a lot of things you may know about the foods you eat. Furthermore, there are a lot of things you believe about the foods you eat that may not actually be true. Food plays a big part in daily life. It fuels the body, provides a venue for sharing and interacting with others, and supplies refreshment and enjoyment. You may find yourself watching your carbs, counting your calories, and planning the week’s dinner menu. This list provides a chance to simply relax and enjoy a few fun facts about some of the foods you enjoy.

20. Honey Lasts Pretty Much Forever

Honey Lasts

Forever is a long time. According to National Geographic, 3,000-year-old jars of perfectly good honey have been excavated from Egyptian tombs. The acidic nature of this sweet condiment prevents it from easily spoiling. Therefore, as long as you keep your jar tightly sealed against moisture and other contaminants, your honey should last a very long time. Honey that has solidified in the container has not gone bad. You can soften it for use by setting your jar of honey in a bowl of hot water to warm the contents.

19. Orange Juice Is Nearly as Sugary as Soda

Orange Juice

The fact that seemingly healthful orange juice is as sugary as soda is disappointing. Orange juice is a breakfast staple that provides a morning dose of vitamin C. Unfortunately, eight ounces of orange juice also provides about 21 grams of sugar. Meanwhile, eight ounces of Coca Cola contains 26 grams of sugar. If you enjoy starting your day with the citrusy tang of oranges, choose a whole piece of fruit. A whole orange contains less sugar than a cup of juice. Whole fruit also includes fiber to fill up your tummy.



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