15. Coffee Drinks Can Have More Calories Than Ice Cream

Coffee Drinks

A decadent bowl of ice cream may seem like a sinful indulgence if you are watching your calories. However, it is important to realize that a creamy beverage at your local coffee shop can be just as calorie laden. A 2/3 cup serving of Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream contains 140 calories with 4.5g of fat and 16g of sugar. Meanwhile, a 16-ounce Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino provides 410 calories with 15g of fat and 61g of sugar.

14. Sugar Doesn’t Cause Hyperactivity


While consuming foods high in sugar can cause highs and lows in blood glucose levels, increased sugar intake does not necessarily cause hyperactivity. The American Council on Science and Health reports that scientific studies do not confirm a link between sugary foods and children’s behavior. In fact, parental expectations may contribute to the perceived link between sugar and excitable behavior.

13. Food Dyes May Cause Agitation

Food Dyes

While sugar may not cause hyperactivity, brightly colored foods containing artificial dyes may cause agitation and hyperactivity. Neurotherapeutics notes that food dyes may contribute to behavior issues in children with ADHD, as well as children who have do not have this disorder.



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