12. There Is Nothing Magic About Eight Glasses of Water

Glasses Of Water

Keeping your body well hydrated allows your skin, organs, and tissues to function well. However, there is nothing magical about drinking eight glasses of water each day. It is far more important to listen to your body and drink when you are thirsty, stopping when you are satisfied.

11. Darker Drinks May Cause Worse Hangovers


While it won’t guarantee you will be hangover-free, drinking lighter-colored alcoholic beverages may help decrease the aftereffects of drinking. The Mayo Clinic notes that the congeners found more abundantly in darker alcoholic beverages can contribute to a hangover.

10. Your Blood Alcohol Level Can Still Be High the Next Morning

Blood Alcohol

If you are relying on “sleeping it off” to reduce the alcohol content of your bloodstream, you should realize that your alcohol levels can still be high after a night of sleep. The University of Arizona provides a chart of how many hours it takes to reach zero blood alcohol concentration according to weight and number of drinks.



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