6. One Carrot Provides a Day’s Vitamin A


Vitamin A is critical for growth, red blood cell formation, and good vision. To provide your body with a full day’s supply of this vitamin, all you need is one 5 ½ inch long carrot. One of these small orange root vegetables provides 167% of your recommended daily value of vitamin A.

5. A Cucumber Is Mostly Water


If you don’t like drinking water, munch a cucumber instead. This refreshing green vegetable is made up of 95% water. My Food Data lists lettuce, celery, bok choy, and radishes as other veggies that are at least 95% water.

4. Some Countries Don’t Store Milk in the Refrigerator

Don’t Store Milk

In the U.S., milk is pasteurized to kill bacteria. In some countries, milk is ultra-pasteurized. The extreme temperatures used to ultra-pasteurize milk in these countries mean unopened packages can be kept unrefrigerated for months. While one company tried to introduce ultra-pasteurized milk in the U.S., Americans didn’t go for it.



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