3. White Chocolate Isn’t Really Chocolate

White Chocolate

It may say chocolate on the label, but white chocolate is not true chocolate. Chocolate contains cocoa solids, while white chocolate is made from cocoa butter, lecithin, milk, and sugar. Chocolate or not, this ingredient tastes dreamy in a white chocolate mocha.

2. Ripe Cranberries Bounce

Ripe Cranberries

Choosing the freshest produce at the grocery store can be challenging. You may find yourself thumping melons, sniffing pineapples, and giving avocados a gentle squeeze. If you are seeking the freshest cranberries, give one or two of them a bounce. Fresh berries contain pockets of air that allow them to bounce.

1. Bananas Are Radioactive


This fact sounds more exciting than it really is. Bananas contain potassium, and it turns out that about 120 parts per million of that potassium is radioactive. With 450 mg of potassium in one medium banana, you would have to consume an impossibly large quantity of the yellow fruit to notice any effects from radiation. Still, it makes for a fun fact to tell your friends.



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