Bedtime Drinks

For most people, it’s not uncommon to have a bite to eat or something to drink before bed. This could be a matter of trying to stay hydrated or psychological comfort, but not all bedtime drinks are created equal; such a habit can help or hurt your efforts to stay healthy. Certainly, it may not seem like a big deal at a time, especially if you do not have more than a glass, but even a cup every night adds up over time, so be careful about what you take in just before bed and really, any other time.

Sleep itself, of course, is very critical; A lack of it can throw off your equilibrium, damaging health in many ways. Poor sleep may result in issues with focus and memory, but may also be associated with long-term effects such as hormonal changes, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels, and weight gain. These long-term factors can compound and contribute to serious health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. Generally, a drink before bed is thought to promote sleep, and some beverages certainly do, while others do just the opposite. Caffeinated or sugary beverages are a good example.

When it comes to bedtime beverages, you’re going to want something that satisfies, certainly, but also helps you keep on track for your weight goals, or otherwise contributes positively to your health. Milk, for example, has been popular before bed beverage for a long time. While milk my advance your dietary success, Alcohol, another popular bedtime beverage, will have the opposite effect. While a poor choice harms one’s health, an ideal drink will keep you sated, put you to sleep, and provide valuable nutrients for repairing and improving your body. Here are some beverages to consider for your nightcap.

8. Milk

Raw Cow Milk

As mentioned earlier, milk is a tried and true bedtime beverage. Though it’s usually taken warm to soothe the body, even a cool glass of milk has benefits. Milk is loaded with calcium and proteins which lead to the development of strong bones and muscles. Milk also has a compound called tryptophan, which can help put you to sleep. Additionally, the fat content in milk can help you feel sated, preventing cravings for midnight snacks, and reducing the odds of overeating the following morning. All in all, milk contributes to nights of better sleep and a stronger, more fortified body.

7. Kefir


Have you heard of kefir? It has a long history in Eastern Europe. Traditionally, it is a mixture of fermented goat milk and grains. What makes kefir an awesome beverage, especially for bedtime, is its rich nutritional benefit. Like yogurt, kefir has a significant level of probiotics, or healthy bacteria, that help diversify and balance out your gut flora. A healthy gut means effective digestion, which can lead to better sleep at night on account of a settled stomach, and also resulting in better nutrition overall, and therefore, better health. In addition to sleep, kefir may also increase exercise performance.


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