6. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit Juice

If you can get past the sweet and bitter one-two punch, grapefruit juice is another solid option. Studies have indicated that a regular intake of grapefruit juice can contribute to burning fat and weight loss- this is especially true in the case of high-fat diets. Losing weight and burning fat can bot indirectly contribute to heart health, as obesity can have a negative effect on it, while excess fat can lead to cholesterol problems that might result in clogged arteries.  Furthermore, Grapefruit juice can also help limber up the arteries, reducing blood pressure, further contributing to a healthier circulatory system.

5. Banana Smoothie

Banana Smoothie

You’re probably aware that bananas are a healthy food, well known for their potassium content. However, were you aware of the fact that potassium (and magnesium, also found in bananas) helps with sleep? Because of the role potassium plays in relaxing the muscles, proper levels of potassium can help you get to bed sooner and stay asleep longer. Research has indicated that those with a potassium deficit may have a more difficult time staying asleep compared to those who get enough potassium. Mix a banana with almond butter, along with milk or almond milk for this bedtime treat.

4. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

It’s not uncommon to lay back and relax with a hot cup of tea; when it’s time for bed, though, make sure that you’re opting for a caffeine-free variety—otherwise, you may find yourself awake all night. Chamomile tea’s a good choice of bedtime tea for many reasons. The hot to cool action from sipping on a hot beverage helps get you nice and sleepy; this is further enhanced by the synthesis of glycine, which is also spurred on by the tea. Glycine, a sedative, can help you to relax by calming your nerves, literally and figuratively.

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