Benefits of Beets

Chances are beets only come up on the menu every once in a while at salads, fancy parties, and Thanksgiving dinner. Quite frankly, that is a travesty. After all, beets are one vegetable that is flying under the radar. Often they are passed up for other more well-known vegetable options like cucumber, carrots, or bell peppers. However, they have significant nutritional offerings that can help you stay healthy and happy, and can prevent serious illnesses and conditions. If you’ve never tried beets or curious about all of their benefits, read on to learn more, and pick up a few recipes.

10. General Nutrition


Beets contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals that benefit the body. Beet, or perhaps more accurately, beetroot, contains impressive levels of B Vitamins, most notably Folate. However, it features other nutritional offerings as well, including dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, and Vitamin C. Like most vegetables, beets also happen to be very low in terms of salts and fats, so there is little risk of serious harm by overindulging in them. On the other hand, all of these various nutrients can protect your body and improve your health, doing everything from enhancing your development to safeguarding your body from infection.

9. Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

There is a substantial base of research that indicates the power of beets to lower blood pressure. Beets provide this benefit in two ways: on the one hand, they provide potassium, which is generally good for heart health and counteracts the adverse effects of sodium, which can cause damage to the structures of the circulatory system. However, there is also evidence that beets can influence the levels of nitrous oxide in vivo, which also contributes to heart health. The increase of nitrous oxide results in lower blood pressure levels and paves the way for a number of other potential treatments.


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