5. Anti Aging

Anti Aging

All of the antioxidant chemicals found in beets have another effect as well in that they prevent damage brought on by oxidation. Numerous studies have backed up the various benefits that beets provide in this regard. Specifically, beets play a role in helping slow down the wear and tear of cells due to various sources, basically delaying the onset of signs of aging, such as wrinkled or spotted skin, or gray hair. Put simply, regular servings of beets can keep you looking younger- and because of all of the other health-boosting benefits brought on by beets, you truly are.

4. Lowering Cholesterol


In a world of fats and salts and sugars, beets are a blessing in that they do not contain much of these, and therefore do not contribute to an increase of (bad) cholesterol. Beets may have the opposite effect. Thanks in part to the fiber content, beets can effectively contribute to a reduction of bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol. There is also some research to suggest that beets may also contribute to an increase in HDL cholesterol, which is the good kind. Even if they don’t, the LDL decrease still contributes to heart health like beets’ other benefits.

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3. Better Exercise


You might guess it given their nutritional boons: beets can help you put in a better workout performance. It’s not about their calorie count; it has to do with their nitrous oxide stimulation. While nitrous oxide can be dangerous in certain forms, when it comes naturally from plant sources, it can be quite beneficial. When it comes to exercise, beetroot can stimulate long-term aerobic exertions. This is because it combats hypoxia at the source, making sure all of the body’s tissues get the oxygen they need to function properly. What does this mean? Harder, longer, and better workouts.



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