Eat Before Bedtime

There are many mixed signals regarding what to eat before bedtime. For every person that tells you to eat something before bedtime, there is another person who will probably tell you different. To keep your mind at ease before you eat that chocolate bar in your bed, check out the best and worst foods to eat before bedtime.

Eat: Kiwi


Most people from the American mainland may only be familiar with kiwi in its’ liquid form when it’s mixed with strawberry flavors. As a late night snack, however, the actual fruit is a great and healthy choice to take to bed with you. Kiwis are full of antioxidants, carotenoids, serotonin and many vitamins (specifically C and E) that will keep you on the right track and enhance your sleep. Serotonin can actually help you fall asleep faster and potentially curb insomnia.

Avoid: Coffee


One of the most obvious foods that you should avoid at all costs before bedtime is coffee. Coffee is full of caffeine and while caffeine doesn’t necessarily give you more energy throughout the day, it can inhibit certain hormones that allow you to sleep. The effects of caffeine can last anywhere from eight to fourteen hours so try to limit your coffee intake to the morning before work or at the very latest during your lunch hour.


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