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In a busy life, choosing between healthy and convenient options is one of the most conflicting decisions. Which is a better choice: a tiny apartment close to your office, or a spacious home in the quiet suburbs? Biking to work to enhance fitness, or taking the train to save time driving? Catch up on household chores (finally) this weekend, or go hiking and enjoy the fresh air with friends?

It is the same compulsion of practicality that often causes us to choose frozen foods over fresh to save time. But what if you could eat clean, stay healthy, and save time and money? With these 10 foods, you certainly can!

10. Onions


Canned onions are already peeled and cut, and you need to open the can and eat. However, onions, especially cut ones, are meant to be eaten fresh, simply because they get toxic when left over time. Onions have a unique property of drawing toxins from the environment.

Here is an age-old grandma’s recipe to clear the toxins in your refrigerator – just cut up an onion into two pods and place them overnight in your fridge to clear up any foul smell and toxins. Or, wear a cut onion overnight in your socks to get rid of that pesky flu quicker. (Make sure to dispose of the onion pieces using tissue carefully, so you do not come in contact with collected toxins).

This same super-power renders cut onions inedible after just a day or two. So the next time you see onions in the frozen food section, you may quietly pass them by, and pick them fresh instead.

9. Tomatoes


Oh yes, we are encouraging you to do away with those canned tomatoes. You know the adage: “we say to-may-toe while you say to-mah-to!” Tomatoes are among the easiest vegetables to grow, in almost any temperature. Unless you are living near the poles, your local market is sure to provide you with juicy, delicious, Vitamin and anti-oxidant rich, fresh tomatoes, at reasonable prices.

Why choose its poorer canned cousins? Tomatoes also melt and cook easily, so you don’t need to spend time chopping them into tiny pieces; in fact, bigger tomato chunks work better for creating juicy gravies. We say stick with the good stuff and buy fresh.



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