Overcooking a steak is the worst thing you can do to a delicious, fine piece of red meat. Like chicken, fish, and other protein-rich foods reheating steak in a microwave affects the protein composition and can lead to an upset stomach and digestive issues. Not only can reheating in a microwave effect the health of the meat, it can also affect the taste and texture. A perfectly cooked steak can go from delicious to overdone in a matter of minutes in a microwave. Repurpose any left-over steak for salads or cold sandwiches or reheat on the stove top on low heat with light oil.

Breast Milk

breast milk

The microwave can be a new Mom’s best friend, but a microwave is no friend of a newborn. Warming breast milk before feeding a newborn is common practice, but it should never be done by heating it up in a microwave. Breast milk reheated in a microwave has the potential to burn the baby’s mouth and throat. Plastic bottles commonly used for feeding can become a host to illness and cancer-causing carcinogens. The FDA recommends new moms and dads warm the breast milk in a pot on the stove top or by running the bottle under warm water.

Fried Foods

fried foods

Crispy, delicious, and hard to resist, fried foods are a gift from the food Gods. Unfortunately, the deliciousness of fried foods is short. Reheating fried foods inside a microwave will turn the once delightfully crispy treat into a soggy disappointment. To revive and maintain the taste and crispy texture of leftover fried foods, reheat them in the oven at 375 degrees until warm on a sheet of foil. This will prevent any sogginess that usually occurs when fried foods are reheated by microwave only.



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