Alkaline Water

Are you a health and fitness aficionado, open to trying creative therapies to boost your health? If so, alkaline water is sure to have landed on your radar already. After all, this is the new buzzword in health circles.

Today, an increasing number of alternative health practitioners and fitness experts recommend drinking at least three glasses of alkaline water a day to keep all major health issues and mental blues away. What is alkaline water, and more importantly, how does it work? To understand this, let’s take a brief trip back to our chemistry fundamentals from school.

9. The pH (Im)Balance


Any substance is essentially either an acid (aka acidic) or a base (aka alkaline). This characteristic of a substance is determined by its pH balance, which is measured by its hydrogen content. The pH balance of a substance can vary between 0 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline). Right in the middle is the neutral space at 7.

As you might have guessed, neither of the extremes are good for our system. This is why normal drinking water is neutral, measuring exactly at 7 on the pH scale. So far, so good.

What is not good, however, is the amount of junk food we put into our bodies every day. Due to this, our digestive organs are pushed to release an excess of enzymes in order to aid digestion. However, our sedentary lifestyle does not help this cause. With modern habits, there is always an excess influx of acid in the stomach (thanks to the residue of enzymes) which collects over time.

In fact, most individuals today will test on the lower end of the pH scale, meaning they are excessively acidic. This, in turn, causes digestive issues like acidity, nausea, flatulence, and acid reflux, all disorders that most individuals deal with on a frequent basis.

8. The Alkaline Solution

Alkaline Solution

Alkaline water is a natural way to address your acidic problem. It works on a fairly simple theory. Our stomachs are typically lined with too much acid due to the unhealthy food choices we make. This can be offset by consuming alkaline water with a pH of 7 to 9.5. This, in turn, will bring our body (which is 80% water) back to the neutral, healthy space. Sounds straightforward, right?

Alternative health experts also point out that neutralizing the water content in your body with alkaline water will bring it into balance, and hence naturally heal a host of acid-related diseases as well as general illnesses that primarily thrive in an acidic environment. Fortunately, there are very few detrimental effects of alkaline water, making it a safe solution for your health.


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