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Updated: 9/6/2019

Search the internet or browse the shelves of your local bookstore for information on diets and you will notice an overwhelming array of different eating plans. Each of them claims that following a certain type of eating plan will result in good health, physical fitness, and weight loss. Additionally, you may have heard rumors of a diet that could help you live to be 100. The Okinawan diet is modeled after the traditional eating patterns of residents of Okinawa, Japan. This region has a high population of citizens who live to be 100 years old or more. Some book authors and researchers feel that following the eating styles of Okinawans can help others live a longer, healthier life as well.

10. Traditional Okinawan Health

Okinawan Health

Certain regions of the world noted for the longevity of their residents have been dubbed “Blue Zone” areas. The Blue Zones website, named for these regions, notes certain health benefits enjoyed by residents of Okinawa. Blue Zones reports that these Okinawans have less heart disease, fewer colon cancer or prostate cancer deaths, and a decreased risk of breast cancer death compared to residents of the United States.

9. Hara Hachi Bu


According to Blue Zones, “hara hachi bu” is a Confucian teaching traditionally recited by Okinawans before every meal. This phrase is spoken as a reminder to eat until they are 80% full, rather than eating until they feel overstuffed or bloated. Eating until you are satisfied, rather than continuing to eat to the point of complete fullness, can be an excellent way to consume only what is needed to nourish and fuel your body.


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