Peel Hardboiled Eggs Easily

Eggs have gotten a bad reputation; even your doctor says to stay away from enjoying your egg breakfast. The newest studies now say that eggs are a good protein, inexpensive, and do not increase your cholesterol. And that sure is good news for those of us raising our own chickens, for we love our eggs.

Here is some of the newest research and understanding of what really is causing our cholesterol to rise and the best way to enjoy our eggs.

6. The Myth About Eggs Raising Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol Levels

Decades ago, a few studies showed cholesterol in eggs was bad, but since then, new large population studies have shown that only very small amounts of the cholesterol in people’s diets actually come from eggs.

Also, the yolk, which is considered the villain, has been found to be low in saturated fat, so it is much healthier for you than the meat with your breakfast.

5. Eggs and Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Heart disease and eggs are most often linked together. Now, the findings say it could be the rest of the breakfast we have with our eggs that is the issue. Foods that are high in saturated fats like butter, bacon, sausage, gravy, and ham, fried and eaten with the typical American breakfast, are really increasing cholesterol.


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