Worcestershire Sauce

You probably have this little brown jar in your refrigerator door at this very moment. While some use Worcestershire sauce daily, others may not even remember why they have it. Worcestershire sauce has a rich and savory flavor and an equally rich history as one of America’s first commercially bottled condiments. If you’ve ever wondered how this sauce originated and what you should be using it for, wonder no longer. Read on to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Worcestershire sauce.

8. How to Pronounce It

Pronounce It

The number one question about Worcestershire sauce is “How on earth do I pronounce it?” Since the invention of Worcestershire sauce occurred in the Worcester county of England, it only seems fitting to turn to the Cambridge dictionary for its pronunciation. The correct pronunciation of this sauce is “WUST-ter-sher.” Click here to hear it pronounced in both American English and British English. Now, the next time you ask the stocker at the grocery store where to find this condiment, you can say it with pride.

7. The Invention of Worcestershire Sauce


The Lea & Perrins company is the maker of those fancy brown bottles of sauce wrapped in brown paper on your grocery store shelves. According to their website, two scientists named John Lea and William Perrins invented the sauce in the early 1880s at the request of a local nobleman. They didn’t like the flavor of their concoction, so they stored the bottles in their cellar and forgot about them. Years later, they were delighted to discover that time had aged the sauce to perfection and the Worcestershire sauce we know today was born.



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