We all know that zinc is good for us. Our bodies need zinc to do a lot of things, including metabolism and growth, DNA synthesis, and it also reduces the inflammation and the risk of getting diseases related to your age. 

That said, too much zinc can be bad for your body too. Here’s what may happen to you if you consume too much zinc. If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, you should go see a doctor before you stop consuming zinc. There may be other reasons why you’re feeling these symptoms that only a medical professional will be able to diagnose.

7. You May Feel Abdominal Pain and Diarrhea


People that have consumed too much zinc may experience symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain on many occasions. 

The effects of diarrhea could be very uncomfortable, as you can probably guess. But in addition, people who suffer from it become quickly dehydrated when they are sick. Moreover, you might start feeling abdominal pain for no apparent reason.

6. You May Feel Symptoms of the Flu


Consuming too much zinc could lead someone to experience flu-like symptoms. These symptoms may include fever, nausea, coughing, and vomiting. Additionally, studies show that 40% of individuals who consumed too much zinc suffered from colds. 

The foods with high zinc levels include fortified cereals and meat, which, when consumed regularly, results in cold and flu symptoms. Therefore, it’s recommended to reduce the amount of zinc intake during flu seasons. 

This is because increased zinc intake in these seasons may increase the flu-like effects, making the symptoms more pronounced and leading to sickness. 


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