2. Your Taste May Start to Change

Loss Of Smell

The zinc mineral is essential for taste ability. The deficiency of this mineral in the body could result in something called hypogeusia, which is a condition characterized by taste ability dysfunction. 

On the other hand, if zinc is consumed above the recommended amounts, it causes alterations in taste, including a metallic or bad taste in the mouth. 

We know this because of some studies on both zinc tablets and liquid supplements. These supplements are used to treat the common cold. During these studies, people were given zinc doses of above 40 mg, and the results proved to be unfavorable in terms of taste. The same people ended up with a bad taste in their mouths before consuming zinc. 

Additionally, the results included distortions in the taste when 25 mg of dissolved zinc tablets in their mouth within the next two hours. Moreover, metallic tastes were reported in people who consumed liquid zinc supplements, implying that consuming these supplements or zinc pills could alter the flavor in the mouth. 

1. You May Start to Get Infections More Frequently


Consuming excessive zinc supplements results in an inadequate immune response from your body, putting you at a higher risk of contracting infections. 

As a result, you’re more likely to suffer from neutropenia and anemia more frequently, as we previously mentioned. Studies show that consuming too much zinc lowers the functionality of T cells, which are certain types of white blood cells. These cells play a vital role in immune response in the body by destroying disease-causing pathogens. 

For instance, studies suggest that consuming 150 mg of zinc every day for six weeks results in a low immune response in most people’s bodies. This inadequate response happens more frequently in older adults who take 110 mg of zinc supplements three times a day for about one month. 

However, while consuming these amounts of zinc supplements causes a low immune response in some people, there are also instances where it enhances the immunity in others. That said, the general rule is that consuming zinc supplements beyond the recommended Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) may reduce immunity and put the body at risk of contracting diseases. 

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