3. The Feel or Touch Test

Washing Chicken

The texture of raw chicken can be harder to tell because chicken is normally wet and just slightly slimy to the touch, but as it gets older it will feel extra slimy or sticky. It could even get moldy, which looks like a black or greenish spot. Of course, you should not consume any chicken that feels like slimy goo!

2. Check the Dates

Use By Date

The USDA recommends you cook the raw chicken within one to two days of the date on your packaged chicken. The quality is not as good but is still usable; if it is longer than three days after the package date you should toss it.

1. Cooked or Frozen Chicken

Frozen Chicken

If your cooked chicken is refrigerated, it’s best to eat it within three to four days. It is not recommended to keep it longer as it can get a rancid odor. If cooked, frozen chicken can last about three months. If the chicken is raw, it can stay frozen for up to nine to 12 months before use. Make sure your chicken is packaged and stays frozen properly.

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